The Devil on YOUR Plate

Your body naturally wants to be healthy.
So what's keeping you feeling awful and out of balance?
Why are you constantly trying to 'fix' yourself, yet nothing works and things seem to be getting gradually worse?
Once you stop damaging your body and start giving it the right ingredients, you will begin to heal, burn fat, fire up your metabolism and function properly.
It all starts with what's on your plate 3 or more times every day..


Are you struggling with:   

• Low energy or fluctuations in energy levels?  
• Gaining body fat and regulating weight?  
• Digestive issues, including gas, bloating and poor washroom habits?  
• Food allergies and sensitivities?  
• Slowed metabolism  
• Chronic illness?   
• Autoimmune conditions?  
• Skin issues and irritations?  
• Sore and/or aching joints?  
• Slowed recovery times after exercise?  
• Reduced mental clarity and focus?  
• Body image and self-confidence issues?  
• A sense of hormonal imbalance?  
• Emotional swings for no apparent reasons?  
• Generally feeling like crap and KNOWING you CAN feel WAY better?

The key to eliminating these, and many more signs and symptoms of imbalance within your body is to focus on fixing the root cause of the problems.

This is why I created the Dealing with the Devil on Your Plate 8 week intensive food freedom program.

You will undergo several interventions to bolster the health and function of the GI tract
Symptoms reduced and often eliminated, aches and pains will dissipate, more energized, clear skin
Setting the foundation to become attuned to the needs of your body.
I do this by using a few well tested protocols:

Healing my digestion to begin healing my life and discovering how food plays such an important role in how my body works was just what I needed to begin to discover what feeling good really feels like. When my doctors and therapists no longer had the answers, the Devil On Your Plate program guided me to finding my own balance, my own way. I have learned how I too can be awesome!

Tammy P. - Program Graduate

Your Program Includes

Weekly group calls where you will be given the information and tools necessary to discover what it is you specifically need and how to implement. Group calls continue for 12 weeks to provide complete and comprehensive support with transitioning the program into your life  
- A 1-on-1 consultation with Michal to determine your specific goals, needs and concerns  
- Step by step implementation and troubleshooting  - Tools and skills for real life, real world living  
- Feedback and questions on a private Facebook group  
- Recipes, guides, recommended brands and personalized instruction  
- Continued support if necessary


Over 8 weeks we will discover your unique physiological make up and what your body needs. This is my specially formulated F.R.E.E.E.D.O.M method to get you back on track, once and for all.  Your modules will cover
F - Foundations, the basis of success
RReal Devils, Real Problems
EEncouraging  and adding in foods to support, rather than harm your body
E - Effortless lifestyle solutions (how to do this and still have a social life)
E - Evaluate your progress
D - Digestion - the good, the bad and the smelly
O - Out with the old - strategies for reintroduction and identifying your personal devils
M - Moving on - real world, real solutions

This is a complete system of support. It is important as going it alone is really hard and sets you up for sabotage before you even begin. As a community we grow and develop!

Michal Ofer

As a digestive expert and nutrition coach I am focused on supporting others in taking control of their health and happiness through the 
sustainable food and lifestyle choices that best support them. Through strengthening the body from the inside out, I believe we can each achieve our personal, individual true health, happiness and wellness